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5 Amazing Destinations for a Middle East Trip

The Middle East is often looked over when one is thinking up possible vacation destinations. However, that’s not very fair to a lot of the time and effort that these countries have put into making great experiences for potential travel lovers. There is an obvious need for concern in certain places, but this list will only contain cities with a positive rating from the US Department of State’s Travel Advisory Board. Here are five great destinations to make sure your Middle East trip is safe and u

7 Epic Adventure Vacations You Need to Try In Your Lifetime

Not everyone was meant for the beaten path. Some would prefer to have excitement kicked into their travels than languid relaxation. Adventure vacations are becoming more popular as more thrill-seekers start trotting the globe. These are the some of the seven unique, bizarre, and breath-taking adventure vacations that everyone should go on at least once. The millions-year old Grand Canyon has awed visitors for decades, and you can raft down the river that created it. Over a mile below the surfac

13 Stunning New UNESCO Geoparks You Cannot Miss

If you’re looking to travel to a place that inspires a sense of wonder, these new geoparks may be the answer. A Geopark is a UNESCO-designated area that has one or more sites of particular geological importance. Nature and travel lovers will be inspired by the unique landscapes here. The designation allows for the conservation of the geological heritage in these gorgeous sites. UNESCO recently approved the designation of 13 new Geoparks for sites that demonstrate the diversity of the planet’s g

Top 10 Stunning Spots to Experience America's Nature

American cities usually steal the spotlight when it comes to tourism and travel. However, though America may be on the younger side of countries, there’s still plenty of natural beauty in the less populated areas. Thanks to the extensive efforts of the park services and conservasionists, these natural wonders are around for travel lovers to enjoy at some of the most scenic state and national parks America has to offer. While this mountain has the most glaciated peak in the contiguous US, it’s a

Beat the crowds: 9 Sizzling Summer Vacations to Hit Up in Spring instead

Undoubtedly, summer vacations are the season to travel for most people. Tourists and families will soon enough be swarming all over the hotspots for their getaways. Allergic to crowds? The answer is to travel in spring to beat the busiest time of the year. Here are travel destinations overrun with tourists in the summer – but can be a joy to visit in spring. The best time for the Amalfi Coast starts in April, when the dew of Winter begins to shake off and the Spring flowers bloom. Amalfi boasts

8 European Hiking Tours to Conquer this Spring

Spring is just barely starting to sprout. The holidays have passed and February treks on. This makes it the perfect season for hiking tours as the snow begins to melt. Before the Summer rush, prospective travel lovers should start thinking of which places to trek beforehand. Europe is home to beautiful countrysides and mountain ranges, making it one of the most popular hiking destinations. Here are some specific places to land on with your hiking boots tied tight! Austria has the privilege of h

10 Things to Know Before Your Japan Trip

A few weeks ago, Youtuber Logan Paul’s video was immediately buried under controversy not long after it was uploaded. For the unfamiliar, the footage details Paul’s Japan trip and his inappropriate behavior for the sake of what he considers comedy. The online debates have gotten to the point where Youtube has been forced to take action and Paul might lose his partnership with them. Whenever you travel, whether it be Japan or some other country, to some extent you have to understand and respect